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Jermaine Massey


Being Black in America Sparks Social Fears….Is There Really Anything New Here?!?

Jermaine Massey, an innocent bystander of a racially motivated confrontation, reaps justice after hotel fires, two administrative perpetrators.

Seems like minorities have to be extra on guard when doing anything these days. Shopping, walking, talking, breathing, living. Such was the case for Jermaine Massey, a black man who was reported to the police by two Hilton hotel employees in Portland.

According to details from Global News, the two security guards demanded that Massey show proof of his stay at the hotel, or they would remove him indefinitely. A first-hand video posted by Massey himself clearly shows that he was minding his own business before the employees began harassing him.

This incident comes just months after a growing trend of videos depicting racist sentiments have been released. Incidents include a man being followed all the way to his apartment in St.Louis, two men being profiled at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, and even a student being targeted while studying.

The two employees have since been fired, with DoubleTree making a public apology to Jermaine Massey on Twitter.

What are your views on this hot mess of an incident? Share your opinions down below, and for more buzzing news, keep it locked on!

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