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    Beijing is No Place for the Common D*ckhead

    We’re living in strange times!

    Did you know that Beijing is planning on putting their citizens on a point-based system, to determine who’s been naughty and who’s been nice? Well, it’s true, and kind of absurd.

    By the year 2021, Beijing’s 1.3 million citizens will likely be judged by personalized ratings assigned to them, based on their daily interactions. The whole thing sounds like an episode out of Black Mirror. If you’re fan of the show, then you’ll recall “Nosedive,” season 3, episode 1. It featured a young woman named Lacie Pound, living in a five-star obsessed community, where nothing you did went overlooked or unrated.

    It’s basically the same strategy China has intentions on implementing– just a tad less obvious to your friends. The same thing is already happening in Hangzhou. Residents have already been punished by being blocked from enjoying certain privileges, like booking the best travel deals. Hangzhou encourages their residents to behave properly, by rewarding individuals who participate in “pro-social behaviors,” like community service, with good marks towards their credit.

    Beijing inspires to do the same. The capital of China, hopes that tourism bodies, business regulators, and transit authorities will work together. By doing so, they’ll be be able to keep a close eye on each citizen’s social engagements and morality. Beijing’s government plan made the news official on Tuesday, on their municipal government website.

    Through the use of furthering the limits of technology, and reducing the rights of their citizens, it will all be made possible.


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