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    Beetlejuice Producer Speaks Out After Musical Closes On Broadway

    After a whirlwind few years on Broadway, all good things must come to an end as the saying goes, and that means the final curtain has now been pulled on the production Beetlejuice.

    The hit musical enjoyed an extraordinary spell, and it enjoyed its last run out earlier this month. But there are concrete plans in place to give Beetlejuice a national tour as well as take the show to theaters in Brazil and Japan.

    Record Sales

    What was perhaps more remarkable, was that Beetlejuice smashed records at the Marquis Theatre, and it was one of the three top-grossing productions alongside “The Music Man” and “The Phantom of the Opera”.

    In its final week, Beetlejuice grossed over $2 million, although the Broadway box office overall took a bit of a hit following the post-holiday season, and some productions may limit engagement over the coming week.

    “Opened Doors”

    Beetlejuice wasn’t immune to its own drama, as Alex Brightman, who plays the protagonist, suffered a concussion after colliding into a piece of steel during the show’s Christmas Eve performance before returning for the final three performances.

    And the show’s producer Mark Kaufman admits that Beetlejuice captured the hearts and imaginations of theatergoers, describing the experience as an “incredible journey”.

    Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said: “I’m very proud. It’s a mixed bag, because obviously, no one wants anything to ever end, but I feel like this has been an incredible journey. The show itself has defied a lot of odds.

    “It’s opened doors. It has meant so many things to so many different people. You know, there’s a litany of feelings, but also we brought in a new audience to Broadway. People who had never seen a Broadway show were coming to see Beetlejuice.”

    Building a legacy for Beetlejuice and making sure it lives on will be key to all those connected to the show, which was inspired by the 1988 film. Perhaps what is striking, is that Beetlejuice hasn’t just been restricted to the big screen in recent years. No, it has also evolved in other arenas, even in the digital casino environment. Gambling enthusiasts can try out some of the top Megaways slots, including Beetlejuice, which is packed with tons of exciting features and bonus rounds.

    While Beetlejuice’s trajectory on Broadway was an unconventional one, it has fueled the belief that musicals and particularly ones based on films have a bright future ahead of them.

    Mark Kaufman added: “The audience that would probably go see Beetlejuice would probably also go see Almost Famous, and that audience is what we’re concerned about.

    “But I think, going forward, people are going to go to Broadway for things they feel confident in, like a movie title. I think people will still come to the theater, if it’s the right title.”


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