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    Beanie Sigel Announces State Property Movie In The Works For 2019

    If you know hip-hop from the early 2000’s then you have no problem reciting lyrics from  Beanie Sigel or legendary Philly group “State Property”.

    Roca Fella Records at one point had a stranglehold on the rap game. With a collection of fierce hungry emcee’s from the street, a true dynasty was made, with Beanie Sigel leading the way.

    The culture of real hip-hop was felt through all outlets because of surreal energy, and incomparable lyrical skills. With the majority of the group still intact, Beanie Sigel decided to drop multiple bombshells consecutively.

    The first announcement was that State Property would have an official reunion tour. In addition, a State Property movie is in the pipeline for 2019. We all look forward to Young Gunz, Peedi Crack, Beanie Sigel, and Omillio Sparks uniting on the stage and bring back real hip-hop.


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