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    Be Careful Traveling to Other Countries for Plastic Surgery

    UPDATE: Texas Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery that Leaves Her Practically Dead

    Remember when we reported on a story about Laura Avila, the real estate agent, who traveled to Mexico, from Texas, to receive plastic surgery. Well, her family just announced that her body was moved to a hospice facility late Friday night. There, Avila will remain, where her family will decide if they’ll pull the plug.

    Avila’s fiance, Enrique Cruz, revealed that he helped Avila pick out the clinic, where Avila was to receive her surgeries. Avila traveled to the Rino Center in in Ciudad Juarez to receive a nose job, breast implant replacement, and other small procedures. Cruz said the clinic displayed good reviews online.

    Eight hours after the surgery, Cruz was notified that Avila had not yet come off of the anesthesia administered, which was very uncommon. She was then taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors confirmed that the anesthesia used had been administered incorrectly.

    Every year, millions of Americans travel internationally to receive discounted procedures. Studies show that Americans can save anywhere between 40-65% in costs on plastic surgery, in Mexico. Avila’s family estimates that Avila’s surgeries cost only about $8,500.

    When traveling to another country, outside the Unites States, medical experts suggest a thorough look into the facility’s practices, medical staff, and to make sure the institutions are accredited and that the surgeons and anesthesiologists are certified through programs similar to those in U.S..

    The family has not mentioned if Avila was taken off life support.


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