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    Bobby Brown Challenges Jacquees To Battle On Stage!!

    In the recent weeks Jacquees, has become a target after claiming that he is the “King Of R&B”.

    Artist from various eras has set the record straight that Jacquees is not what he claims to be.

    Everyone from Diddy, R.Kelly, Keith Sweat, and Tank, have included themselves in the conversation.

    With Jacquees just coming into the entertainment industry, he surely doesn’t have the credentials to stand on that claim.

    Birdman has backed Jacquees, as the two just recently dropped a new collaboration project. Now another R&B heavyweight has come forward to speak his peace regarding the claim.

    That person is none other than the 90’s pretty boy Bobby Brown. TMZ caught up with Bobby, who didn’t bite his tongue when asked to weigh in. He even went on to say that Jacquees would have to battle him live on stage.

    Many people believe Jacquees is just another troll, and is not The King Of R&B

    Bobby then told the staff that anyone would have to battle him on stage.

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