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    #BatmanUnburied DC and WB Meets Spotify Podcast

    #BatmanUnburied DC and WB Meets Spotify Podcast–Exclusive Project

    An exciting partnership came out of the 2020 pandemic. DC and Warner Bros made an agreement exclusively with Spotify. Now, their stories will be expressed in a new story telling format (podcasts) exclusively with Spotify. From executive producer, David S. Goyer and Spotify, the first story emerge will be #BatmanUnburied. In this format, the story will be a darker tale of the psyche of Bruce Wayne. Other stories to follow will include Wonder Woman, Superman, and more.

    Radio Dramas to Podcasts, Modern Day Audio Storytelling

    While, currently, it’s a very popular format. This form of story telling isn’t new, by any means. Instead, the podcast or audio format is a modern version of the old radio dramas. Radio dramas were very popular beginning in the 1920s until 1940’s. The popularity waned when most people began acquiring TVs. An example of the radio drama format is Mystery Theater. However, the varying stories spanned decades. For instance, many theatrical works like shakespeare and classic stories from the time’s popular authors also became radio dramas.

    Why We May See More Audio Storytelling post Covid?

    A major benefit of audio storytelling is low costs that seem to be making the audio storytelling format popular again. Especially, in the wake of Covid pandemic times where in-person accessibility may be difficult to come by. Back then, comic hero storytelling was a very popular story. And, those stories often featuring the character of Superman. Now, Batman is trying his luck with audio storytelling. Popularity in audio storytelling makes it’s second wave. While most people are often too busy to pick up a paper book or comic issue to read, audiobooks and podcasts are often very popular to put on in the background of their everyday tasks.
    “I’ve been a fan of narrative podcasts for some time and was looking for the right story—returning to Batman seems like the perfect opportunity,”
    -David S. Goyer-
    “We’ll be using the unique advantages of audio to dig into the more nightmarish members of the Dark Knight’s Rogues Gallery.”

    #BatmanUnburied PLOT

    #BatmanUnburied, Spotify exclusive audio storytelling in Podcast. -DC, WB, Spotify

    #BatmanUnburied is a psychological thriller into Bruce Wayne’s mind. For this reason, listeners should expect any of Batman’s classic Super-Villains to make an appearance. Further, those villians may also impact the mind of Bruce in fun ways creating spiriling twists and turns for the listener. In this retelling, Bruce Wayne is a forensic pathologist, working in of Gotham Hospital. Consequently, in this new role, Wayne is tasked with examining the victims of The Harvester. But, Bruce must confront his own dark mental demons before he could save the residents of Gotham.


    #BatmanUnburied, Spotify exclusive audio storytelling in Podcast. Winston Duke will voice Batman opposite of -DC, WB, Spotify

    Winston Duke of Black Panther fame, will be voicing the iconic Bruce Wayne in #BatmanUnburied. Furthermore, the star also appeared in Jordan Peele’s ‘US’. Additionally, the role of Alfred will be voiced by Jason Issacs. Issacs is better known from his work on Harry Potter as Lucius Malfoy. Moreover, the actor also starred in  Castlevania, Star Trek Discovery, and Mel Gibson’s Patriot.


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