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    Batman Sneak Peek at Movie & Music For Batman Day

    Sneak Peek at The Batman Movie Music For Batman Day

    Batman Day is always a day to look forward to. It means new merchandise, surprise anouncements and of course, a deeper dive into the comics. This year, Batman Day brought us some more Batman sneek peek and merch. Furthermore, the long awaited, The Batman film slated for 2022 release got rounded out some more. Matt Reeves took to twitter celebrating by releasing new Batman content.

    Matt Reeves’ The Batman

    And, that is not all, fans got a sneak peek of, Reeves retweeted Michael Giacchino’s post. In which, teased the music that will be featured in the 2022 Film. Listening to the orchestra adapted score, fans can get a feel for the tone of The Batman.

    Now, if that wasn’t enough. They release a preview look at the iconic Batmobile. Because, Batman wouldn’t not be batman without his sweet ride. DC Comics tweeted out a photo at the new batmobile look for their latest Batman endeavor on the big screen. But which batmobile do you prefer? Sound off below.

    DC Fandome Promises More

    Fandome Promises
    DC fandome, sneake peak, batman comics, movies, and music. via DC Comics

    Of course, in less than a month, DC will have their virtual comic con with DC Fandom. So, expect further leaks on DC’s plans for comics, films, podcasts, and more for fans to get excited about. Of course, that also means more merch and new stories including a new Batgirl movie. There is also the Flash movie that has been back and forth with pushing back filming and release. Likely, that is not the end. They have also started promotion on their Gotham Nights video game set to release next year.


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