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    Basketball Wives Malaysia Throwdown With Jackie!!

    Malaysia, Jackie and the rest of the basketball wives are at it again, but when are they not!?!

    The drama between reality stars continues in LA. Bossip reports that the latest episode of the reality show has Basketball Wives Malaysia throwdown ready to happen with Jackie.

    Now, this is nothing new. Malaysia and Jackie have been at odds with each other before.

    So how did it start this time?

    Well, someone was talking about Malaysia’s “dirty” and unkempt kids, which as you know, will set any mother off, true or not. But with this rumor comes a major issue.  They can’t find out where the rumor originated.

    However, according to Jackie, she had no part in it. She actually blames it one of her co-stars for spreading the nasty rumor around. In the episode, Jackie pins the blame on Jennifer Williams and Jennifer’s friend, Dominique, as the primary source.

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    It’s no secret. it’s just none of your business.

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    So when Malaysia confronts the two, you can imagine how upset she must have been. She ready to teach both of them a lesson, until they flipped the script.

    Both Jennifer and Dominique claim it wasn’t them. They said it was Jackie. And to be honest, if you’ve watched the show, you know how much of a gossip queen Jackie can be. So it wouldn’t be a surprise if they were telling the truth. But then again, all of those ladies are messy AF at the end of the day!

    “Jackie asked me a bunch of stuff, the first time I heard it was when Jackie said something,” said Jennifer.

    After snitching on Jackie, of course, Malaysia doubled back to confront her much older co-star, Jackie.

    “They said that my friend Jackie Marie Christie has been gong around spreading lies about me.”

    In which Jackie responds:

    “Malaysia now you know that that’s a damn lie,” said Jackie. “They’re crazy—and they’re f***g lying.”

    Now the two are at war. Before the episode ended, they were all in each other’s face.

    You have to watch next week’s episode to see if a punch gets thrown. And we’re guessing it’ll be Malaysia who swings first because you don’t talk about another woman’s kids.

    Thoughts? How do you feel about Basketball Wives Malaysia throwdown ready to happen with Jackie? Who would of won?  Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

    And after, be sure to keep visiting the Hypefresh site for more of the latest gossip news! 

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