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    Barefoot’s New Single “Cry Baby” Urges Listeners to Let it All Out

    Arizona-based band Barefoot has released a new single, “Cry Baby,” that explores the idea of letting go of one’s emotions and having an emotional release. The song questions the societal trope that men should not cry and encourages listeners to embrace their vulnerability.

    The inspiration behind the song came from the band’s personal experiences, including struggling to find work and feeling overwhelmed. The band’s unique sound, which blends rock, alternative, indie, and pop, is fully displayed in “Cry Baby.”

    Barefoot, composed of vocalist Dylan Fay, drummer Christian Aroz, guitarist Dylan Heinrich, and bassist Patrick Smiley. Barefoot has been making waves in the Arizona music scene since their first EP in 2013. With several studio albums and performances under their belt, the band’s sound continues to evolve, keeping their listeners returning for more.

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