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    Banksy Pokes Fun at Paris Hilton in New Work of Art

    To Banksy, everything is art…so it makes sense that his new blank canvas would turn out to be Paris Hilton.

    In his newest quest to be the best street artist, Banksy defaces an old 2006 album, by Paris Hilton. Back in the day, when Hilton was bitten by the music bug, she debuted her first studio album, PARIS. The original audio version is being sold for $0.71 on Amazon, but the spoofed version, by Banksy, is selling like hot cakes. RR Auction already has bids worth more than $2k.

    It might be worth assuming that people like what Banksy did better. The Banksy version includes fake song titles, a topless album art, and tons shade thrown towards Hilton throughout the CD booklet. Banksy made 500 copies and sent the copies to 48 different record stores around the United Kingdom.

    According to TMZ, all bids on RR Auctions will close January 9.

    What do you think about the new Banksy art? Did he make another masterpiece? Please comment below and keep visiting for all the latest news on culture.


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