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    Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson Can’t Do Anything Right it Seems

    It’s been a very busy and negative week for the Baltimore Ravens star QB. Lamar Jackson after not making a top 10 list judged by players and execs, then gets blasted by former Ravens safety Bernard Pollard. What transpires next, nobody would have imagined. However, Jackson did what any normal being may have done in this situation, and that defends himself. While it seems logical, for a professional athlete this is frowned upon.

    The following morning several networks spoke on this subject matter and dug into Jackson. History shows the best remedy when it’s usually time to negotiate is to be quiet and allow the course to run its course. Any leverage gained by the opposing side negotiating can and will be used against one’s ultimate goal.

    Fox Sports reporter Skip Bayless expressed his disappointment in Jackon’s actions on the show, “Undisputed”. He believes that Jackson is an absolute star in the NFL, however, he’s not sold on his development and growth throughout the league. Therefore, while the criticism came from possibly the wrong individual, it still stands as correct. Many believe and have said this about Jackson’s gameplay at some point if he doesn’t become a better passer of the ball his career will diminish or digress before everyone’s eyes.

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    Lamar Jackson May Regret This Down The Road

    Jackson being a former MVP in the league should only be giving energy to certain individuals. Pollard isn’t considered one of them. While he’s proven to be a contributor to winning teams in the NFL, he’s not established as much as Jackson. Jackson stooped pretty low to attack Pollard back, but it’s how he reacted. One can only hope this doesn’t play into his negotiations as he enters a contract season.

    While he’s proven he’s among the elite QBs, the facts remain. Since his MVP season, statistically, he’s gotten worse and has been battling injuries each of those years as well. These are not great signs for a franchise-changing QB. The Ravens have to be taking this into consideration and depending on how he performs this year will dictate their actions. This means if Jackson balls out he’ll receive the contract he believes he deserves. However, if he doesn’t perform well we can be prepared to possibly see Jackson testing the FA market.


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