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    Baltimore Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker Sets NFL Field Goal Record

    Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker sets an NFL record by delivering a game-winning 66-yard field goal against the Detroit Lions. The kick is nearly 200 feet; however, the football still managed to hit the crossbar and bounce through the goal on the road.

    “That was awesome,” Tucker said at the post-game news conference before any questions were asked. “Man, I love Detroit. I’m thinking about getting a place here.”

    Tucker’s golden foot capped an exciting game from beginning to end. Just a couple of minutes earlier in the game, the Lions seemed to be in the driver seat of this game and on their way to their first victory of the 2021 season. They fought back from trailing through the majority of the game to taking the lead 17-16 with seconds left on the clock. However, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson managed to complete an impossible fourth and 19 pass play and the momentum began to shift. Tucker found himself on Lion’s 40-yard line with the game resting solely in his hands.

    Tucker understanding what was at stake, knew he must change his routine up. The Ravens would have no chance if he didn’t get enough power into the kick. He made small adjustments to make sure he gave himself and the team the best opportunity to win. As a result, he took one or two steps back than he normally would.

    “It’s something I’ve actually started doing within the last year,” Tucker said. “As I’m becoming more and more of a dinosaur in this league at 31 years old. I’ve got to do every little thing I can to get the ball to go just a little bit farther.”

    “Instead of landing on my plant foot, I just basically kick the ball off like it’s a kickoff, so I land on my kicking foot,” he continued.


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