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    Baltimore Ravens All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas Struggles With The Law

    Former Baltimore Ravens All-Pro safety Earl Thomas has an arrest warrant in Austin, Texas after he violated a court protective order, reported Brady Henderson for ESPN. The former Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens sent messages to women about her children, according to the police report.

    The signing of the warrant took place in late April of 2022. However, the charges that follow Thomas are a third-degree felony due to his two violations within the last year. In May of 2021, he was only able to communicate with the woman about their children through a co-parenting phone app, according to the court records. 

    Thomas’s lawyer, Trey Dolezal, spoke to the press and stated his violation came from Thomas extending out to his child’s mother on behalf of wanting to spend time with his children. In November of 2020, Nina Thomas filed for divorce from Earl Thomas.

    “They were consciously and collectively working together to see his kids,” Dolezal told the paper. “I don’t really understand how he could be in violation by working together to visit with his children.”

    Thomas’s tenure with the Baltimore Ravens

    The 33-year-old, Thomas told reporters he wants to continue his NFL career. However, due to his legal issues, many teams may shy away. The production when on the field cannot be denied. Although, the off-field instances can persuade players and coaches to stray away. The potential problems Thomas can bring to a locker room can be catastrophic. 

    The seven-time Pro Bowler and three-time 1st team All-Pro, yet, he hasn’t played since 2019. Prior to the incident, he signed a four-year $55 million contract with the Ravens. However, he was released in 2020 after an altercation. Thomas got into an altercation with teammate Chuck Clark during practice.

    “He’s in excellent shape,” reported Bo Smolka for Pressbox, “quick, fast, has good burst, good acceleration. He’s strong. He just looks really good.”

    Thomas’s Past with Legal Issues 

    In 2020, Nina Thomas was arrested in Texas for pointing a gun loaded gun at Earl Thomas his brother after an argument occurred. Thomas is being charged with first-degree felony burglary with intent to commit aggravated assault. Simply, because of a miscommunication between the couple where She thought Thomas was attempting to be inconspicuous with another woman.


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