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    Baltimore Rapper’s Mother Grieves Over Her Loss

    Unfortunately, the life of a rapper comes with misfortunes. While some are in and out of prison, others end up murdered by their enemies. Recently, Delon Bushrod Jr. aka Baltimore rapper LonnieDaGoat was shot in Cherry Hill neighborhood earlier this week. His death has left a huge hole in the hearts of those that knew and loved him. Furthermore, his mother has especially expressed her deep sadness over the loss of her only son.

    The Details Surrounding LonnieDaGoat’s Death

    On Tuesday morning, police responded to a 911 call for the 2800 block of Bookert Drive area where they found an unresponsive man lying there. Obviously, authorities identified the man as Baltimore rapper LonnieDaGoat.

    Furthermore, Baltimore city medics arrived on scene but shortly after, pronounced the rapper dead. Police didn’t release the rapper’s name to the public. Although, his mother, Kia Bushrod did ID him as Delon Bushrod Jr.

    Not much information surrounding the 24-year-olds death has come to light. Though, witnesses do remember hearing gun shoots the night of the rapper’s death. At this time, the case remains ongoing.

    Rapper’s Mother Mourns Over Him

    Baltimore rapper
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    The police may be still searching for LonnieDaGoat’s killer. However, his mother Kia Bushrod demands answers and justice now. Furthermore, the Baltimore native said in a statement that the city is wicked. “”Just angry that his life has been taken from us. We will truly miss him. Every single day is just going to feel bad, not speaking to him at all,” the mother of one said in a statement. Now the only memories Kia Bushrod has left of her son are his viral music videos and songs.


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