Ballad – “Faded” (Official Video)

Ballad Fade Official Video

Ballad is back. And this time he’s faded.

The video starts off in pitch darkness, leaving the viewer not knowing what to expect. A muffled audio track plays and behold, we see Ballad sitting on what seems to be a modular couch with candles lit all around. A scantily clad woman also walks into the picture. Seductive, daring and bold. It seems from jump, this video has one purpose only – to reel you in.

Take a walk on the dark side of Ballad, who usually is always in the light, making upbeat records. And to be completely frank, it’s rather exciting to see him do so. Out of the ordinary, and unique.

“Originally “Faded” was meant to be just a track to throw out there to tide my audience over, while I put the finishing touches on Suite ’89. There was really no expectations at all for the track, so the reception it’s gotten so far is pretty surprising.”

– Ballad, To HYPEFRESH®

Ballad’s vocal performance is organic, without the need of any vocoders, synthesizers or auto tune processing – which is a plus. Emotionally correct, as well as being sincere and heartfelt. It seems Ballad has had a few run ins recently with life. This track throws it all on the table, and opens the door into his world.


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