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    Bad Bunny: First Latin Artist To Headline Coachella, His Top 7 Songs

    Puerto Rican superstar Bad Bunny has had Latin America in the palm of his hand for half a decade now. His first breakout single, and one of his most popular songs, “I Like It” featuring Cardi B and J Balvin came out back in 2018. From his club shaking anthems, to his funny interactions with fans, Bad Bunny has solidified his name in the world of music. His meteoric rise to fame has awarded him the privilege of being the first Latin artist to headline Coachella 2023. Here are the top 7 Bad Bunny songs to date.


    Amorfoda a song that will never go out of style; because we have all had our hearts broken and it’s a perfect song to express how we feel at that moment.

    Es una canción que nunca pasará de moda; porque a todos nos han roto el corazón y es una canción perfecta para expresar cómo nos sentimos en ese momento.


    This song will always be well received because it tries to ensure that no matter how different we are, we can always do what we like regardless of the opinion of others.

    Esta canción siempre tendrá una buena aceptación porque trata de que por más diferente que seamos, siempre podemos hacer lo que nos guste sin importar la opinión de los demás.


    “Estamos Bien” is “the song” a song to feel good, to be thankful for everything we have and have achieved, it helps us to be grateful and thankful for the little things.

    Esta es “la canción“ una canción para sentirnos bien, para agradecer por todo lo que tenemos y logramos nos ayuda hacer agradecidos y agradecer por lo más mínimo.


    This one will never go out of style; regarded as “the song that changes our mood,” La Romana is filled with good vibes and a very popular rhythm for Latinos.

    Esta es “la canción “ nunca pasará de moda porque es lo que llamamos la canción que nos cambia el mood, además de ser una canción con mucho “fylin” con un ritmo muy popular para los latinos.


    The song that empowers us all regardless of gender, because we have all had to “shake it” alone and enjoy the party without our friends.

    La canción que nos empodera a todos sin importar género, porque a todos nos ha tocado perrear solos y gozarnos la fiesta sin importar que lo hacemos solos.


    A summer song where Bad Bunny is telling the woman he likes that he will be his best behavior for her; he delivers his vocals with a lot of emotion but while still keeping that “Bunny” sound and rhythm.

    Una canción de verano con mucho sentimiento pero sin perder el ritmo de nada bunny, además de hacerle  saber a la persona que nos gusta que por ella nos portamos bonito.

    La JUMPA

    A newer song that’s it’s easy to connect to, with the rhythm and the collaboration of two great artists putting you in the best mood

    Una canción nueva pero es fácil hacer click porque el ritmo y sumarle la colaboración de dos grandes artistas te hace sentir en el mejor mood.

    Those are the best Bad Bunny songs as of today! What songs do you think should have made this list? Are you a fan of the Latin superstar? Are you excited to see him at Coachella 2023? Would you go to a Bad Bunny concert? Let me know in the comments below!


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