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    Bad Bunny Is Currently Suing The Unbranded Brewery Co.

    While celebrating his win at the Latin Grammys, Bad Bunny is now suing a brewing company. The brand is originally from Florida called Unbranded Brewing Co. for the improper usage of imagery of the Puerto Rican rapper.

    The formal accusation was presented last week. It precisely stated that the Unbranded Brewery Company, is producing, selling, and publicizing one of their “beers of the season” with the name “Cerveza San Benito”. Using the name of Benito Martinez Ocasio (widely known as Bad Bunny) and with a registered brand “San Benito”.

    Unbranded Brewing
    via Unbranded Brewing Co.

    The design of the bottle is a picture of a man with the likeness of Bad Bunny. Surrounded by imagery “very well known to his fanbase associated with the artist”. Moreover, it includes a bunny and the symbol for the “third eye”, said the suit.

    On Tuesday, the founder of the beer company, Zachary Swanson, acknowledged the person on the can resembles Bad Bunny. Further, Swanson mentioned the process of removing the brand “San Benito” from the market until a new design is created.

    “So we basically have a character that looks like him,” Swanson said in an interview. “We have agreed to stop using the iconography or images that look like Bad Bunny.”

    Meanwhile, Swanson also said the company will continue to use the name “San Benito”. This is because the artist hasn’t formally filed any registration regarding the name of the beverage.

    The Selling Continues

    On their website, the company is still showing the images of “San Benito” as well as T-shirts and stickers. The brewery “never obtained permission to use the name, the commercial brand or the image of Ocasio for any purpose,” the lawsuit confirms. Moreover,  the company never answered to a cease and desist.

    Let’s see where what the outcome of the lawsuit will be.


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