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    B.o.B. Hints at New Album, Shares Keys For Indie-Music Success

    HYPEFRESH, Inc. had only a few minutes with the mega-talented, #nogenre recording artist B.o.B. in a recent interview.

    HYPEFRESH, Inc. caught up with B.0.B prior to his headlining performance at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Making every question count, our staff asked a few personal ones as well as some from his fans on Social Media. Check out his


    What’s new in the world of B.o.B?

    Yeah man, recently I put out the Water, Earth & Fire mix-tapes within the last six/seven months. Ever since then, I winded up going on tour adding fire to this new movement. Scotty ATL and London Jay are on the run with me for the STFU tour… We all just blazing through America, one trail at at time.

    We knew you perfected the guitar… But beats too? You’re a monster.

    Yeah, I produce a lot. Plenty of them on all my records. Mostly over one half of my commercial releases. The elements mix-tapes are 100% my creations though. You know I go ham on them drums man. (Chuckles)

    Before you got to this point in your career, describe that moment when you knew music was your purpose in life.

    I felt that way when i was thirteen years old. I had to decide what I wanted to do. Whether becoming an artist, athlete, artist, chef… whatever… An I was really pressed. I had to make that choice myself. So I picked the music route. All through high school, I was trying to figure out what I could do to make some money to fund my career. From studio equipment, desktop/laptops, high quality microphones, webcam… You name it. And since then, that was my focus up until this point.

    We live in era of the indie-entreprenur. What made you want the transition from independent to mainstream? What was your inspiration seeing as though you were successful prior to going big?

    Before my first single dropped (Nothing On You ft. Bruno Mars) I went through some struggles. I had to move back in with my momma. A lot of the people involved with my career in it’s early phase lost their assets investing in my dream. Houses, cars, finances… Shit, I didn’t know how I was going to make a living at that point being fully vested into music. (Chuckles) When the success of ‘Nothing On You’ hit, man.. that one single truly changed my life in a major way. And then ‘Airplanes’….

    Oh, can’t forget about Airplanes.

    Oh yeah. The beauty of that is that i’m able to make a living off of what I love to do. You never know how your success is going to happen… All you know is that it’s going to happen some way.. And by sticking with it, we all got to this point to where we are today.

    Coming up in the music industry, was your focus more-so geared toward becoming a mogul or a true mainstream artist?

    My goal was always to bridge the gap between rap and rock music. For me, my goal was always to be an artist. And honestly, will always be my core focus and goal. Taking steps towards securing the future for my career… And not just always working towards early gratification. The mogul part? Not so much. I always wanted to start my own label and have my own leverage in this game.

    Your fans want to know… When is your next mainstream dropping? There’s alot of rumors online circulating about it…

    There’s no release dates as of yet. But I want them to know that it is coming. I’ve been working on it for quite some time. I don’t know exactly how to call it, but as of now they can rest assured in knowing it is coming.

    “All I do is make beats, perform, rap and go to sleep.” – B.o.B.

    B-o-B- Hints

    What’s your creative process in a studio session?

    Well, I definitely don’t go into the studio without new material ready to go. Life is too short to waste time. You can’t treat yourself like a factory or an assembly.

    What’s your theory on the earth being round versus it being flat? What’s your theory on it?

    Ill definitely say this, to this day – I have found no proof that it’s round.

    Your international fans in the United Kingdom want to know if your bringing your talents on tour over in the U.K soon?

    I recently asked everyone on Twitter whether I should start over in Canada or the U.K… And honestly, it was a fifty/fifty tie. So it all depends on who truly wants it the most, you know?

    Give upcoming artists that look up to you in music some tips (from your professional experience) that you can give them that will rear them towards success.

    First off, they have to define their own success. An individual has to have their own goals. By keeping it in their minds, and it in their sights. Lock it in. It’s not gonna happen the way they think it will. A lot of indie artists become stubborn, then miss their opportunities to excel in their paths in route to their goals. Ultimately they miss their big chance to debut in music industry by expecting their success to happen the way they envision it.

    Makes a lot of sense.

    As an artist, the game is designed for them to be whatever artist/musician you want to be. There’s no reason why you have to sound like the current trends or what’s out. Don’t emulate the sound or the “thing” that others are succeeding on. Be yourself.

    My biggest tip to them? Don’t be so absolute in your methods that you fail to see a more sufficient or alternative approach.

    I see. That seems to be the exact advice that got you your start professionally.


    Any final words?

    Don’t drink and drive, just smoke and fly.

    **(Laughter across the room.)**

    Head over to B.o.B.’s website to purchase his newest music, gear and concert tickets, as well as staying in the loop in with his moves in music.


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