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    Azealia Banks Says Nicki Minaj’s Anger Toward Latto “Isn’t Normal”

    Rappers fight all the time, on and off the mic. While there’s nothing wrong with a little disagreement, social media feuds tend to go overboard. Recently, a Twitter feud transpired between Nicki Minaj and Latto, after the latter went on live to discuss her Grammy snub.

    Now Azealia Banks has weighed in on the rapper’s argument points. She’s gone as far as calling out Nicki Minaj for her insults toward Latto and female rappers everywhere. Specifically, Banks believes Minaj’s anger toward Latto wasn’t “normal.”

    Banks Thinks Nicki Minaj Needs To Have Her Anger In Check

    via HipHopDX

    Azealia Banks has made headlines for her insults toward other female celebrities and bizarre social media antics. Obviously, she’s the last person we’d expect to tell someone to get their anger in check. Though, Banks has done the unthinkable.

    Recently, the former rapper offered her two cents on Minaj and Latto’s epic Twitter feud on Instagram. Of all people, Banks had the nerve tell Minaj to seek mental help for her anger towards Latto.

    “It’s becoming painstakingly clear that this woman needs serious help, because this level of anger is not normal at all,” Banks wrote. This coming from the same woman who has body-shammed female stars like Lana Del Rey and Lizzo on social media. Not to mention, several celebrities have spoken on Bank’s own anger problems. Her “bad attitude” essentially left her without a rap career.

    She Attacks The Rapper’s Parenting Skills

    via NME

    She continued her lengthy post by accusing Minaj of not being a good mother. Banks even went as far to suggest that Minaj spends more time feuding with other female rappers on social media, than caring for her newborn son.

    Clearly, Azealia Banks has put plenty of thought into how Nicki Minaj spends her days, screaming at other female emcees all day with her child listening. Of course, she took things a step further by calling the new mom “low class.” Banks really got a lot off her chest about the feud between Nicki Minaji and Latto.


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