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    Azealia Banks Fat-Shames Lana Del Rey

    Some celebrities just live for the drama. Former rap star Azealia Banks loves feuding feuds with celebrities on Twitter. There’s one famous singer’s name the entertainer just can’t seem to keep out of her mouth, Lana Del Rey. In recent years, the two have engaged in back-and-forth banter over social media. As of late, Banks fat-shamed the musician over Twitter. Since Banks couldn’t make it as an actress or a rapper, she’s resorted to bashing other celebrities.

                Azealia Banks Isn’t Against Fat-Shamming Celebrities

    via Celebrity Insider

    Many female entertainers have promoted body positivity. Entertainers like Lizzo and BeBe Rexha are major advocates for successful plus size women. Even movements like women supporting women have taken Hollywood by storm. Messages like these have inspired millions of women and young girls to love their bodies. However, Azealia Banks doesn’t believe in body positivity. Instead, the former rapper fat-shamed her arch nemesis Lana Del Rey.

    Before ringing in the New Year, Banks took to Instagram to troll the “Young & Beautiful” singer over a recent paparazzi photo. In the picture, Rey runs a few errands while dressed in workout attire. Her arm is in a white sling after a skating incident.

    Banks made harsh comments about Rey such as “She’s a Brick House” and “stop shoving cheeseburgers down your throat.” The New York native even trolled the singer about her injured arm. “Do you think gravy poured out when Lana Del Rey broke her arm?” Banks jokingly asked fans last Monday. Azealia Bank’s New Years’ resolution obviously didn’t include making amends with Lana Del Rey.

        Not Their First Rodeo

    via Urban Islandz

    Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Azealia Banks went after Lana Del Rey. The New York emcee attacked Rey back in 2020 after calling out stars Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande and Beyonce for writing sexually-charged songs. Banks fired back at the singer over Twitter with , “The White girls get a little critical acclaim for whispering on beats and forget how to act… first it was Billie [Eilish] giving her unwanted critic on rap music that no one asked, now, Lana claiming she invented a whole new dimension to womanhood that has always existed.” Doesn’t seem like these two will ever be friends.



    1. Azealia Banks is a jealous c**t. Someone needs to bitch slap her. Better yet she needs to go to jail!

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