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Avengers Infinity War


Avengers: Infinity War Directors Confirm One Major Death

Loki has already cheated death twice in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans of the god of mischief were hoping that he did it again, in Avengers: Infinity War. There have been many theories circulating around how Loki might have survive his encounter with Thanos. One of them is that he used his projections to fake his death. The other major one is that he disguised himself as the Bruce Banner to get to Earth. However, fans will sadly be disappointed that both of those theories have been shot down by the Russo brothers, directors of Avengers: Infinity War. During a recent Q&A, following a screening of Avengers Infinity war, the Russo brothers confirmed that Loki is death.

This does not mean that Loki is actually dead or will stay dead. Disney is planning a Loki TV series, staring Tom Hiddleston, for their streaming service. Only time will tell whether the trickster god is actually dead.

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