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    August Alsina Drops:The Product III: STATEOFEMERGENCY

    After a little hiatus August Alsina is back with his latest Album: The Product III: STATEOFEMERGENCY.

    August Alsina has had some rough days, but his new project The product III: Stateofemergecy will shed light on his whole situation. The singer took some time to deal with health issues but says he has had a “Metamorphasis:

    Fans got a surprise on Jun 19th when they began scrolling their timelines because August Alsina had reappeared. In his post the New Orleans native let fans know about his upcoming project and his forthcoming journey.

    The goal of this project is to expose myself through the art and to help others reveal their true selves. Go back into the past, bring it into the present and positively impact our future. I want to show the community that we’ve all had to overcome some type of obstacle. Some greater than others, but pain is pain…and pain and its threshold is subjective and different for each individual.-August Alsina

    The product III: Stateofemergency project is unlike most today because it 27 songs long and includes a documentary. In a five-part series the “I love it” singer shows fans his journey up to the point of his hiatus.

    August Alsina appears to have really grown from dealing with his auto-immune disease. From his post, he seems to have become more spiritual as some of his analogies are from more esoteric sources. Either way great for him, life is hard enough in America, especially when you are black. Whatever he is doing, if it is bringing him peace, and getting him back in the studio, then so be it.

    Check out August Alsina’s The Product III: StateofEMERGency below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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