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    ATL’s Zack Slime Fr Wants All The Smoke in New Single “Gangstas”

    In life, you can only go as far as the people you talk to. If your circle is surrounded by folks that don’t bring any value to your situation, there’s no point. It truly defeats the point of even keeping them around, because they are likely to cause more harm than good. One artist who has always been mindful of the company around him is Zack Slime Fr.

    Your network is your net worth, a sentiment that Zack faithfully lives by. He first started to gain notoriety when he appeared on fellow Atlantan Lil Keed’s “Blicky Blicky ‘’ and stole the show. From his perspective, it’s nothing but bosses around him. Even though the city of Atlanta has always been looked at as Black excellence, jealousy is still a huge problem. There are plenty of people who would die for the opportunity to be in someone else’s shoes. This is exactly why Zack is always preaching about keeping your circle tight in his raps.

    About That Action

    His newest single, “Gangstas”, echoes everything I said above. Straight from the jump, as soon as you hear the eerie production, Zack makes it known that there are nothing but steppers in his immediate circle. You can’t even get close to him unless you are ride or die material. I would have never thought I’d hear a song as menacing and cold as this one!

    Unbreakable Bond

    Most rappers lie in their raps and almost everything they say is unbelievable. But in this song, Zack truly makes you believe that he and his crew have an unbreakable bond. The way he aggressively raps about their friendship, you would think that they are more like brothers. Lyrics like “my n*ggas some demons, they be stepping for the hell of it”, let you know they are locked in for life.

    Atlanta rappers better stay dangerous and on their toes. Zack Slime Fr is bringing some tenacity and aggression to trap music. Be sure to stream “Gangstas” below.



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