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    ATL’s Matt Citron Finds Beauty In The Darkness On “Southern Gothic”

    Coming from where I’m from, nothing even surprises me anymore. If I told you the crazy things I have witnessed firsthand, you would call me a liar. I’m from a place where some of the toughest people look like your average Joe. But at the same time, someone who looks very established is actually broke as rocks. There’s no other place quite like Atlanta. You never what to expect.

    If you don’t believe me, wait til you listen to Atlanta rapper Matt Citron’s new project. Recently, he released a full-length album titled “Southern Gothic”. Those are two words I never thought I’d hear in the same sentence. Just seeing them paired together feels like an oxymoron. But after one full listen, you will understand why he chose it, because it perfectly describes his sound.

    Not Meant For Everyone

    At a runtime of 32-minutes, this 10-track offering makes it easier for people on the fence about his music. You’re either going to really dislike this project or like it for its creative risks and not being predictable. There is no in-between. He did not make this project to be enjoyed by the mainstream audience. I feel as if Matt makes music for a certain niche audience. As terrible as that might sound, it’s not a bad thing, this just means he understands his audience.

    Matter of fact, I left this project with a couple of songs that are worth your time. Just like the title implies, his music is the result of a southern boy who is in touch with his emotions. So expect some songs that are slow-paced and filled with sorrow. But some of the acoustic tracks maintain his Southern pride as Matt sings from the heart. I recommend checking out track #9, “Gnarly”. Not lacking in the confidence department, Matt makes sure they felt his presence over the dark instrumental. This track alone makes this project worth listening to. I guarantee this track to get you amped up!

    Creating An Experience 

    The live music fan in me wants to catch Matt Citron live after listening. Most of these songs include instruments, so I can only imagine getting the full effect in person. Be sure to stream “Southern Gothic” on Spotify below.


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