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    ATL’s Baby Drill Proves His Worth On “Drill Season”

    I feel bad for any Atlanta street rapper. Because any chance they had of blowing up, just got slimmer. And it’s nothing they did, but more so the fact that rapper Baby Drill is now free from jail. He didn’t even get to enjoy the success of his breakout single, “32 Freestyle”, since they incarcerated him. But now that he’s free again, and dropping new music, rappers better count their days.

    If you know anything about the Westside of Atlanta, you know that it doesn’t have the safest reputation. It’s definitely a place where you have to be on your P’s and q’s. It’s crazy to think he’s only been rapping for 2 years. I guess you call him a fast learner because he has a rap style that can’t be duplicated. I love his young and reckless flow, hence the name Baby Drill.

    Not Wasting A Moment

    Fresh out of jail, not wasting a moment, he dropped his new long-awaited project, Drill Season. Most artists like to test the waters with a single, after taking a hiatus. But Baby Drill was seemingly overly confident in his rapping abilities and had no fear of taking a gamble.

    He starts things off with his lead single, “Imposters. If you’re still not hip to Drill, they should play this track to get a better understanding. For example, he is one of those artists who come up with some of the craziest bars you can imagine. I was caught by surprise when he said “I see my opps more than his pops”. Like who thinks of something so brash but simultaneously real as f*ck.

    When it comes to features for this project, for the most part, all of them do what is expected. The G Herbo feature makes a lot of sense for track #4, “Mr. CBFW” since both rappers fall into the same pocket of rap. The problem is Herbo’s verse is so forgettable that you will forget about it the next day.

    The feature that caught me off-guard has to be Latto making a surprise appearance on track #2 “Freak”. Even though the song is very aggressive, it’s still the closest thing on this project that’s dedicated to the ladies. Ladies will love hearing Latto rap about being sexually liberated and kicking shit how she sees fit. Smart decision by Baby Drill to select Latto, because this song will certainly get him more female fans.

    Worth the Wait

    Besides that, almost all the songs turned out well. They all fit the vibe and that’s all due to the sequencing. It’s not one of those projects that you’re going to put on a shuffle because you’ll miss out on all the smooth transitions. But if that is your method of listening to new music, don’t leave this project without listening to “Start To Hate”. Produced by Coupe, his high-intense production allows Baby Drill to get some things off his chest. This song is like an anti-hating track, because who likes supporting a hater? To me, this is the best overall song.

    In conclusion, this is one solid ass project. If you are a fan of 21 Savage or Young Nudy’s music, you were made to listen to this project. If he does right and stays out of jail, Baby Drill surely has the potential to be bigger than he already is. We just have to wait and see.


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