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    ATLien Peewee Longway Shares Leaned-Out “On Dat Freestyle” Visual

    To accompany the album announcement, Pewee Longway  shares the video for On Dat Freestyle,” a lurching monster of a track. Produced by Cicero On The Beat, “On Dat Freestyle” finds Peewee rhyming above low-pitched synth squelches, seemingly beamed in from beneath the ocean, as he locks in with the crisp snares and flitting cymbals. Switching up his flow to emphasize the contours of the instrumental, “On Dat Freestyle” highlights Peewee’s oft-overlooked lyrical ability, as he spits rapid-fire, alternating between outrageous boasts and subtle self-deprecating humor: “A brick of Harry Potter cost you a fee/Room full of knocks might make you OD/I eat my plate and it make me obese.” In the video, directed by frequent collaborator Omar The Director, Peewee ghost rides like he’s from the Bay, rocking a ski mask and resembling a street Luchador.

    Watch the dope visual above and in other music news:


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