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    Atlanta’s MC David J Is On The Rise

    Atlanta-based hip-hop artist MC David J has been around music for just about as long as he can remember. His first taste of music came as early as 9 years of age when he began learning how to play real instruments.

    “Both my father and grandfather are musicians and play guitar,” said David. “My first instrument was a guitar, and from there, I picked up the trumpet, piano, drums, and music software such as Reason, garage band, and pro tools.”

    Inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Mac Miller, Tyler the Creator, among others, MC David J has been crafting his own sound ever since his debut back in 2016. Fast forward almost 5 years later, and MC David J has been listened to by thousands of fans. His top song, “You Know,” has been streamed over 160,000 times to date.

    Most recently, the MC released a 7 track EP called “GO MAD,” which is an upgraded version of music we haven’t seen from David J before. The project features a variety of different vibes created by a broad range of instrumentals, flows, and styles. His main mission for his music has always been to reach people, and David J’s ability to make people step inside his shoes has been underwritten from the jump.

    “I want people to feel a new energy they have never felt before,” said MC David J. “I want people to understand that true hip hop is not dead, and there are true lyricists out there that really are about the essential craft, both lyrical and sonically. I want people to feel nothing but thunder when they hear me.”

    While MC David J is off to a solid start this year, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more music released soon.

    Follow MC David J @mcdavidj.



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