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    Atlanta’s Joshykun Turns Up The Party On Newly Released “Casamigos”

    There will soon be a day when Black culture gets the respect it deserves. I don’t know when corporate America will realize that pop culture is based on whatever Black people make famous. Anytime that a certain alcohol becomes quickly popular, you can trace the origins to Black people. For example, you’ve got artists like Atlanta’s Joshykun and his single “Casamigos” which is giving the company free advertising.

    Odds Are In His Favor

    Forget what anyone tells you, Joshykun might be Atlanta’s most slept-on artists. I’m not going to fabricate and act like he’s about to be an XXL Freshman overnight or anything. But I will say that he has legit talent and has the potential to make some noise this year if the odds are in his favor.

    His new single, “Casamigos” will truly have you feeling like you’re intoxicated. I’m not a big drinker, but this song does a great job of replicating what it’s like being lit off the Casamigos. Because on this track, Joshykun just seems to be having such a good time and those feelings are contagious for listeners.

    Living Off The Edge

    If I had to put into words what the production on this track is like, I’d have to describe it as festive. This song is just one big party. All good parties need a host, and that’s where Joshykun comes in to bring in the good vibes. The only thing I don’t like about this song is its duration. A song this good should not be this short.

    If you enjoy turning up and living life on the edge, he created this song for you. Be sure to follow Joshykun on Instagram to stay up to date with his upcoming releases.

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