Atlanta Artist Daetrius Creates Giveaway for Female Business Owners

Atlanta Artist Daetrius Creates Giveaway

Atlanta hip-hop artist Daetrius has taken the success of his song “ShowOut” to a new level! In a recent interview with REVOLT TV, Daetrius talks about how he plans on using the momentum of his song to give back to female business owners.

You seem to focus on showing musical support for hard-working women in your song, why is that?

I want to show support for every strong woman I’ve come across that represents a beacon of hope. Sometimes I feel like we don’t openly tell those women that we see what they are doing and support it. Especially when it comes to hip-hop music. They remain focused regardless of what situation may happen or what people may think. For me, that’s my mother. She’s been showing out my whole life! But, I also see the courage and strength of women in the industry. Influential women like Tahiry, London Zhiloh, Sav Britt, Zana Ray, Century Williams, Taylor Armel, Siaani Love, even Saada Ahmed in your recent Women In Charge piece! There are a lot of young ladies out here showing out. I could go on and on with this. And I just wanted to say that I’m supporting not only through my music but I’m actually teaming up with Life 10 Electrolyte to give $1,000 to a female business owner. It’s important to not only support through words but through finances too.


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