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    Atlanta’s Bikkab Opens Up To Listeners On New Single “Distance”

    One of the most important skills you can have as an adult is the ability to read the room. Once you acquire the ability to distance yourself in rooms where you feel unwanted, you’ll never have to seek validation from anyone again. Rising artist Bikkab found a way to incorporate this vital lesson into his new song, “Distance”.

    Still Making Hits

    In case you’re out of the loop, let me introduce you to one of my favorite upcoming artists. Bikkab is an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta with roots in California, who is best known for his certified-platinum track “Mind My Racks”. For that to be his most commercially successful song, it’s far from being his most impressive track.

    His newest single “Distance” is in high contention to possibly be the most special song he’s ever released. I can’t quite put my finger on it. But it’s something about how emotional his songwriting is on this track that makes me rank it higher than anything else in his discography.

    More Than Meets The Eye

    To me, Bikkab is an artist that is more than meets the eye. Behind his dark and mysterious mystique is someone who’s experienced various hardships. So on this track, he’s able to vent his built-up frustrations and let it all out.If you have ever been through an emotional tough stretch, this is one of those songs that you can resonate with.

    I expect nothing but the best from Bikkab in the future. Be sure to follow him on Instagram.


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