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    Atlanta Rapper Yo Dogg Turns Up The Heat On “Raised By Wolves”

    While most rappers know they’re meant to become the next biggest rap star, some don’t realize their potential. Atlanta, GA native Kristopher Reddick, aka YoDogg, didn’t start off knowing that he wanted to make music for a living. As a child, he often found himself in trouble, whether that be at home or at school. He didn’t have a chance to make a lot of friends either, given that him and his family moved around a lot. By age 12 though, YoDogg found his purpose in life; to become a rapper.

    From that moment on, YoDogg began releasing his music, dropping 18 projects in total so far. Furthermore, his music has been well-received by the public, as its amassed 100K views on YouTube and tons of stream plays. Additionally, he eventually signed to legendary producer’s Cardo’s record label Everything Is Gold Music & Epic Records. Life as a rapper seemed promising for the young man. His breakout record didn’t come until he dropped his 3-year-long project, “Golden Child.” At that point, YoDogg became unstoppable.

    Though, tragedy hit when the rapper’s Uncle passed away, losing his biggest fan. Fortunately, YoDogg’s death only pushed him to go harder. By maintaining a good work ethic and consistently improving on his craft, YoDogg is well on his way to the top.

    Recently, the rising rap star dropped his newest 10-track, record Raised By Wolves. With the help of his producer Cardo, YoDogg delivers a fire record that’s worth the listen.

                YoDogg’s New Record Deserves A Caption With All Fire Emojis

    When it comes to making great music, Atlanta upcomer YoDogg knows how to drop an awesome body of work. His Raised By Wolves album deserves a series of fire emojis. Almost all 10 songs have something unique to offer. Even the wolf howls come as an interesting surprise. Even better, sticks with the unique sound sample throughout the album.

    It isn’t until the very last track “All Wolves Go To Heaven” that we understand why YoDogg views himself as a “wolf.” In the song, the emcee raps, “I hope all wolves go to Heaven, if they don’t, we gon’ make one.” Furthermore, YoDogg tells listeners that he goes hard when it comes to making money, feeding his family and making music. He’s a true hustler at heart, and in some cases, a savage.

    Other handpicked favorites include the distinctive flute sounds featured in “Flute” and the trumpet-infused chorus found in “Payroll.” Producer Cardo’s hypnotic beats paired with YoDogg’s raw, Southern rap flow make for one cool record. The Atlanta star has his rap career in the bag.

                Check Out More From YoDogg

    Raised by Wolves
    via Spotify

    Clearly, the Atlanta star has ‘another one in the can’ as they say. YoDogg and his partner-in-crime producer Cardo, certainly make one dynamic music duo. The rapper’s Raised By Wolves has taken over the music charts with tracks like “Parlay” and “Baccwood” raking in thousands of streams and YouTube views. Fortunately, the star has more to offer fans. Stay tunned for more from the fire-star YoDogg.






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