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    Atlanta Artist Quavo Let’s Fans In On The Next Biggest Movie Franchise

    In the world of the rich and famous, the possibilities are endless. Migos frontman Quavo seems to have luck on his side these days. He’s making some big moves in the entertainment industry. For instance, he’s made several guest appearances on tv series like “Atlanta” and “Black-ish.” Quavo has single-handedly taken over the music and tv world. Next, he’s slated to make his big screen debut in a handful of upcoming films, including the action packed Takeover.

    Sources report that the film began filming back in July and won’t be released until sometime in 2023. That’s only a couple of months, which means that Quavo and everyone involved is hard at work. Even better, Quavo has plans to turn the film into the “next biggest movie franchise.” That’s a lot of hype to live up to. The news keeps getting better as Quavo and his label Quality Control have partnered with the innovative Trioscope to give fans an immersive experience they’ll never forget.

           Triscope Partners With Quavo’s Quality Control

    via Stereogum

    These days, Quavo’s Quality Control is looking to expand its reach and business endeavors. Most recently, the record label added its Quality Films sector to the list, that’ll be responsible for featuring and producing new films. Furthermore, Quality Control furthered their efforts by partnering with Triscope to bring Quavo’s Takeover film to fruition.

    For those that don’t know, Trioscope is the next step in movie-making innovation. Furthermore, the company will give creators the ability to” implement an emotional fidelity of live action performances.” Not to mention, it makes CG sets more affordable and flexible, crafting flawless film productions, sets and special effects. The innovative company acts as the mastermind of some of the biggest films in the industry, such as the Netflix WWII drama series The Liberator and George RR Martin’s Night of Cooters. Clearly, Quavo’s Quality Control label cashed in on a huge deal. The label might just go down in movie-making history.

    Fans Can Part-Take In The Takeover World Franchise

    Good things always happen when two great minds work together. Quality Control’s partnership with Trioscope has birthed a new era of film innovation and technology. Furthermore, the company has more in store for other upcoming film projects such as Quavo’s Takeover film. Trioscope will help co-produce the film alongside Quality Control. Additionally,  it will advise and develop the technology needed for the project. The good news doesn’t stop there, though.

    Recently, the company announced its biggest advancement, with the launch of Takeover World, the company’s first-ever Web3-enabled community. In other words, the feature will immerse fans in the world of the Takeover film franchise. Members will have a once in a lifetime chance to participate in the creation of the series.

    “This project is the future of movie making. It gets fans involved at the onset of Takeover World, the opportunity to own a piece of a new franchise and the ability to influence and be part of how an action feature gets made,” Quavo said in a release statement.

    Moreover, fans can join the Takeover World Discord, where they can participate in the development and creation of the franchise. Other perks include starring as an extra in the film, attending the wrap party, and meeting its creators and cast members, including the star of the film, Quavo. Even better, Trioscope will help develop the franchise before it’s even released, all with the help of fan support. Talk about a game-changer.

    Be sure to catch up on more news about Quavo’s new Takeover movie franchise here on Hypefresh.





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