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    ATL’s Jiggs Takes The Righteous Path On Newly Released “God Meant It”

    Everything in life happens for a reason. Even if you aren’t religious, you understand that there is some kind of high power responsible for how things play out. This means if something good were to happen in your life, it was meant to happen. Even though he’s not a gospel artist, Atlanta rapper Jiggs never shies away from sharing his love for God.

    Great First Impression

    I was introduced to Jiggs’ music earlier this year and I’ve been a fan ever since. I first heard him when he appeared on fellow Atlanta rapper Marco Plus LP, Soufside Villain. Off the rip, I peeped that he was a lyrical wordsmith and that he was comfortable murdering any instrumental sent his way. For that very reason, I made it a priority to tune in for all of his upcoming releases.

    He recently released his newest project, God Meant It, just in time for the holidays. At 24 minutes in length, listeners are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the duration. The intro track, “All Praise Due” sets the stage, as Jiggs gives thanks to the man above. Just as I expected, he filled this song to the brim with gratitude and positivity. He did a great job of making this project feel like an emotional experience.

    ATL Reunion

    One of my favorite moments from the project has to be track #4, “Firm Biz”. Jiggs reunites with frequent collaborator Marco Plus and their chemistry is still undefeated. These two came correctly over this “boom-bap” inspired production. The hip-hop elders would be proud to see a pair of young lyricists rip apart a track as these two did.

    Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this release. It felt like entering a time machine when I listened to Jiggs show off his extensive vocabulary in his raps. If you’re a fan of authentic hip-hop and real bars, he made this project for you.

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