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    At What Cost Does It Take?

    As you know GoldLink released his album, At What Cost, in late March of this year. This album is a go-go feel mixed with D.C. vibes that told real-life stories. The D.C native inspired us, millennials, that if we are going through the struggle and hard times, we should be blessed to be where we are at this lifetime. We should smile through the hard times and shouldn’t care about anything but live life to the fullest.

    If you are struggling about finding that job, best friend or starting a business, go after it! At what cost does it take? It doesn’t cost anything to step out on faith and go for what’s yours. It’s better to start building a connection and brand now, then waiting too late to do one. As GoldLink would say, “Pray everyday, say your grace, keep the haters keep the demons away fam.”

    Will you sacrifice by doing what you love to do or work a regular job from 9 to 5?

    Written by Jasmine Johnson


    Latest Posts

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