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    Captain Marvel Trailer Leads Us to Believe She’ll Kick Thanos Ass!!

    One ass-whooping coming up!!

    Thanos surely has something to worry about!

    If you have been following the Avengers storyline, then like alot of other people you are growing impatient.

    In Infinity War we saw some of our favorite heroes killed off in a snap from Thanos.

    The Marvel Universe has painted Captain Marvel as the individual who will play a major role in possibly saving everyone.

    Last night an official second trailer was dropped for the Captain Marvel movie starring Brie Larson.

    Rumor has it that Avengers 4 trailer will drop on Wednesday. Let’s prepare for Captain Marvel to kick Thanos Ass!

    Samuel L. Jackson will reprise his role as a young Nick Fury before the evolution of SHIELD.


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