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    Asian Doll Understands The Power Of Her Global Brand In 2022

    Some people have no choice but to embrace their destiny.

    Major recording artist/entrepreneur Misharron Jermeisha Allen, aka Asian Doll’s birth into this world, was divinely ordained. Staring at hundreds of images of Asian Doll on my computer, each image possesses the same singular theme: superstardom.

    Everything inside Asian Doll’s universe is uniquely crafted for self-empowerment, unparalleled creativity, and raw, unflinching visionary thoughts. Obviously understanding Asian Doll’s mentality, mistakes, and passion is an esoteric experience. Furthermore going live on Instagram generates uncontrollable social media traffic jams.

    God blessed Misharron Jermeisha Allen with infinite light. Every room, stage, or event she graces converts into a New York Fashion show. Indeed she’s the Naomi Campbell model in every moment. Being born inside the belly of the beast in Texas is not for the light-hearted.

    Without a doubt living through poverty, drug-infested street corners, unconditional love, death, and hip-hop creates crocodile skin. Asian Doll is a walking press conference every single day of her life. Her music and brand have created a cult following with over six million people worldwide. The Queen of Drill music is aware that it’s “All Eyez on Her” 24/7.

    Understanding your worth is priceless.

    Believing in yourself is a premium mental luxury. Evaluating yourself at the highest price in life defines the essence of self-worth. Belief is the world’s most potent psychological process in life. Disbelief in oneself is a global disease that suffocates and is life’s #1 dream-killer.

    The world builds up superstars only to tear them down into ashes. Seeing your vision inside the eye of the storm creates Championship DNA. Also pursuing a dream against the grain is unconvention

    al thinking and enables a person to understand their inner willpower.

    A person’s destiny doesn’t include a light switch. Natural-born leaders find the light switch to their path to greatness. Traveling the road of most resistance empowers a person to accurately appraise their soul. While The world is filled with billions of non-believers and self-made haters. In stark contrast, less than 15% of the global population are non-compromising dream chasers. The brain waves of visionaries are chaotic, wild, dysfunctional, and genius.

    Jonathan P-Wright is a lead editorial journalist for HYPEFRESH and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS.


    1. I agree Asian doll is very talented & versatile. You can see her progression in her music she really takes rapping seriously but can do it so effortlessly

    2. We are so proud of you asian. ALWAYS SHINING and SMILING nomatter what life throws at you. You growth is sensational. The dolls/bratz will be with you forever. QUEEN OF DRILL.

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