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    Ashton Kutcher Could Be A Witness In Serial Killer Case

    Having to relive tragedy is something Ashton Kutcher is currently having to deal with. More information is being released surrounding his former girlfriend. Overall leaving many people with several unanswered questions. This includes an obsessed serial killer that ended her life.

    Ashton Kutcher & Serial Killer

    News outlets are reporting that Ashley Ellerin was a stripper and prostitute prior to her death. Apparently the night of Ashley’s death Kutcher stopped by her apartment. After no answer, the actor left her home. Now people believe that Ashton will be one serve as a witness for the trial of the killer charged with murder.

    Ashton and Ashley met each other while in Hollywood. At the time she was a fashion student. However, she was also earning extra money while working in a strip club environment. The young woman at the time participated in bachelor parties along with pole dancing.  Her childhood Friend Carolyn Murnick was one of the few that knew about Ashley’s personal life.

    Carolyn would go on to reveal further information about her friend’s personal life in a book. This included drinking, pills, and her sexual encounters while working. The main suspect Michael Gargiulo, is currently on trial for the murder of Ashley. In addition, Gargiulo is believed to have killed two other women previously. After moving in next to Ashley, Gargiulo grew fixed on her.

    Prosecutors leading the case are seeking the death penalty for the serial killer’s actions. The main suspect has already pleaded not guilty in by reason on insanity.

    Will the serial killer finally get the death penalty? How will Ashton Kutcher and the serial killer respond to one another at court? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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