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    A$AP Rocky’s Bodyguard Choke-Slammed The Alleged Victim

    A$AP Rocky’s Bodyguard is a bit scary…

    After weeks of being detained in Sweden, A$AP Rocky has finally gone to trial for his alleged involvement in a street fight. A$AP was charged with assaulting 19-year-old Mustafa Jafari.

    Jafari shared his side of the story, and new surveillance footage of the altercation was released, and it is honestly so scary.

    Prior to the trial, A$AP Rocky had posted videos of the incident on his Instagram page.

    A$AP said the guys were slapping girls’ butts, and the video showed them throwing a pair of headphones at A$AP’s bodyguard, Tee.
    There is also another video that is circulating on Twitter. It shows a group of guys many presumed to be A$AP and his friends throwing Jafari on the ground and beating him up.

    Jafari’s version of events is much different.

    He told the court that he ran into A$AP Rocky after he was separated from his friends.

    Jafari claimed Tee told him to go away and pushed him. Jafari said:

    “If someone says in a nice way, ‘Go away from here,’ then you do. But he just pushed me. What he did was wrong.”

    Then, Jafari alleged that Tee grabbed his throat, lifted him up, and carried him away from everyone else, all while choking him.

    Jafari said Tee broke his headphones in the process.

    Side note!

    On the other hand, A$AP Rocky’s lawyer said Jafari broke his own headphones when he tried to punch Tee.

    Jafari also alleged that after the headphones were broken, someone smashed a bottle on his head.

    That statement was disputed by A$AP’ Rocky’s lawyer real quick!

    All that said, Tee wasn’t charged with anything and A$AP will testify tomorrow.

    Jafari is asking for $16,000 for injuries and lost income.

    A verdict will likely be reached on Friday.

    God, that is a lot to take in. Have any comments? Leave them down below!

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    Featured Image: Washington Post


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