A$AP Rocky Has A New Protege Named Joe Fox

Rocky Has

Popping up out of nowhere as a complete unknown, Joe Fox was featured on an eyebrow raising five tracks on A$AP Rocky‘s new 18-track album, ‘A.L.L.A.’. This many features in the midst of bigger names makes listeners wonder what makes this guy so special.

The London native played as the X factor, featuring alongside bigger names like Kanye West and Future on songs like, “Jukebox Joint” and “Fhine Whine”. Not to mention handling the hooks like a veteran vocalist on songs like, “Holy Ghost”, “Max B” and “Pharsyde”.

What may sound like some Cinderella story, Fox says that he met Rocky on the streets of London while trying to sell his mixtape to people who walked by. After literally running into each other, Rocky and a friend asked him to perform a song on the spot. Still in the hopes of trying to make a dollar, Joe impresses them to the point where he asks the two if they would like to buy a tape. They invite the London native to the studio to record. Still not knowing who Rocky was, Fox accepts the offer to join.

Given from what we heard on the album, Fox gives the impression of vintage rock and roll. Influencing legends like John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, the British artist contributed to the vintage sound that we heard throughout the album.

The track ‘Max B’ displays a soft rock sound in between hardcore verses.

Fox has gained acceptance from the A$AP Mob as Rocky has taken him under his wing by inviting him in.

As of now, Joe has limited music and information pertaining to his future but it’s expected that Rocky and the rest of A$AP will be taking care of him until he releases a project of his own.


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