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    A$AP Rocky Aint No Pussy: Gets in Sweden Fight

    A$AP Rocky got into a Sweden fight. He and his people kicked some Sweden ass, while visiting Stockholm.

    TMZ has the video that shows A$AP Rocky and his entourage fighting a couple of guys in Sweden that wouldn’t stop following them.

    According to the Harlem rapper, the two guys stalked them for 4 blocks. He even claims that the guys were on drugs.

    “So a few drug addicts [who] are not my fans, we don’t know these guys and we didn’t want any trouble, they followed us for 4 blocks . . . Give me a break.”

    Rocky was in town to perform at the two-day Smash x Stadion music fest, alongside the Migos group. But of course, he found himself in some trouble. Only in this situation, we can say it wasn’t Rocky’s fault. It was actually the other way around.

    For some reason, when people see celebrities, they see them as a walking checkbook. It’s clear the two guys thought they could scam Rocky out of his money, by pretending that the rapper broke their headphones.

    “My headphones! I want my headphones!” 

    It was all a lie though. According to TMZ, the guys smashed their own headphones, after they attacked Rocky’s bodyguard.

    Rocky’s bodyguard didn’t strike back. Instead, he tried to calm the situation.

    “We don’t want to fight with you . . . We don’t want to go to jail.” 

    Rocky then gets on camera to let people know he’s not the problem.

    “We don’t want any problems with these boys . . . They keep following us. Look at them”

    People will do anything to get a check– even at the cost of someone else’s freedom. TMZ reports that A$AP was taken into custody by Swedish cops. He could face up to 6 years in prison if found guilty.

    Good thing A$AP Rocky beat some ass before, he got wrongfully arrested though.

    Thoughts? How do you feel after reading about A$AP Rocky being in a Sweden fight? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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    Image Credit: Pitch Fork

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