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    Asa Israel: Getting to Know Up And Coming Videographer In Birmingham

    Getting to know Asa Israel is getting to know one of Birmingham, Alabama’s dope up and coming videographers. The artist timidly answered our questions with a smile. He is a man of few words, however; his work speaks well enough for him.

    Asa Israel sat juxtaposed against a nostalgic white brick backdrop in a black tee and a pair of retro eyeglasses.

    Meet Asa.

    The artist described himself at being a “simple cat” who isn’t into much, then he gave us a quick rundown about his early beginnings. Like most young African American men, football is one of the first things on his resume. After graduating Clay-Chaulkeville High School, he would walk on the football team at Appalachian State, earning a scholarship. He chuckled about having a science degree from the school that he doesn’t use.

    “I go to work, I take care of my kids, and I come home,” he said. That’s Asa.”

    Asa Finds His Gift

    The Birmingham videographer would discover his gift at the gym! Literally. Starting off as a personal trainer, he recorded and chopped videos up of his clients. After chopping the videos, he would add music to the video— this is where he got his start.

    Israel acknowledged his ideas; however, he can’t define who he is as a creative yet. He explained his anger with himself for neglecting some of his own ideas. Speaking on his work, he was honest about not knowing how to define himself as a creative.

    “Most of the stuff I’ve done, don’t really be me,” Israel explained. “I’m taking what other people want, I’m trying to make them look as best as possible.”

    Asa discussed his plans to try his hand at directing, explaining that his motive is to put out a better image of his people.

    “THey’re working overtime to put bad imagery out there on us. So, I’m just trying to combat that.”

    More On the Artist

    Of course, HypeFresh wanted to know what Asa’s favorite movies were growing up. The videographer fiddles with his chin hair and answers with a laugh.

    Friday, that was my favorite movie,” Israel said. He also talks about sounding corny for mentioning Water Boy starring Adam Sandler, as a favorite.

    Israel’s goal is to eventually make Biblical based films.

    “I know a lot of people probably don’t read the Bible,” Israel said. “A lot of the Bible is hard to understand because of the Old Testament dialect.”

    Considering that, he wants to make the Bible easier to digest through the art of film.

    HypeFresh talked with the artist about forthcoming projects— he named, More Wicked Than Himself. This is the title to one of Asa’s projects, a film about making bad decisions and how that can become a slippery slope.

    “It’s very easy to make bad decisions, especially in America.”

    So, to help teach about having a heart of Christ in spite of, he offered this idea as a solid project.

    Asa elaborated on his desire to remain an independent filmmaker who will have direct control over his films.

    “With the way social media is moving, you don’t really need a bunch of people outside of the creators,” Israel said. “If the people like it, they’re gonna go get it.”

    Find more of videographer Asa Israel:

    YouTube : The Scribe



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