Artist Spotlight: Sue Tsai Changes The Way A Generation Looks At Art

Sue Tsai Changes The Way A Generation Looks At Art

New York’s Sue Tsai may be a young artist, but she is definitely about her business. Skilled in using acrylic paint on canvas as well as in sculpture, her work has quickly risen to prominence among notable entertainers like Rihanna, Swizz Beatz, and T.I.

Themes of success, love, and the pursuit of dreams have helped Sue Tsai build a loyal fanbase the world over. Her viral followings on Twitter and Instagram can both attest to that.

With her work being used everywhere from the cover art of rapper Wale’s single “Bad” to her successful clothing line she’s dubbed “Artparel,” Tsai is changing the way a generation of young people view art.

She has had successful exhibitions internationally in Monaco, Taiwan, and most recently had a special exhibit domestically at the legendary Art Basel art festival in Miami, Florida.

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