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    Art Metrano of Police Academy Dies at 84

    Art Metrano Passes Away
    Art Metrano Passes Away

    Let’s revisit a time when life was an easier place, where the air was clean and the jokes were a little bit funnier.

    Stand up comedian Art Metrano transitioned peacefully at his home in Aventura, Florida on Wednesday, sources report.

    According to, the actor died of natural causes.

    Art Metrano: Early Life

    Metrano, born to a garment manufacturer and a housewife, was born under the Virgo/Libra cusp on September 22, 1936, some sources report 1937).

    Arthur, better known as Art, grew up in Bensonhurst section of Brooklyn, New York. Upon completing his high school career, the future star went on to attend the College of the Pacific in Stockton. He played football during his attendance says The Hollywood Reporter.

    The Beginning of a New Career Era

    While in New York, the Police Academy star honed his gift of humor. He studied acting while working as a comic in the Catskills. Then on, he was hired as a writer-performer on a variety show that played on California stations after the local 11 o’clock news on Sunday nights.

    Scouted by a Carson producer, he was invited as a stand up on The Tonight Show in NYC after hearing his “The Amazing Metrano” performance. From there, the rest was history.

    Breaking Out

    His first acting gig in the 1961 thriller, “Rocket Attack USA” solidified a bright future in entertainment.

    In 1985, Metrano secured a role in the critically-acclaimed feature film, Police Academy 2. He adopted the role of Ernie Mauser, a merciless, shaming, power-mad Sheriff according to Fandom.

    Metrano gifted entertainment with a surplus of stage appearances, film appearances, television appearance series, miniseries, specials, pilots, movies and stage plays.

    WRCBtv reports that Art’s career was untimely disrupted after succumbing to neck injuries from a fall while painting his house on September 17, 1989.

    This didn’t keep the comedian/actor down. He later turned the life-altering experience into a one-man stage show called “Metrano’s Accidental Comedy,” which he performed in a wheelchair and on crutches.

    Thoughts From a Loving Son

    Metrano’s son took to instagram to share his bereavement.

    “Yesterday I lost my best friend, my mentor, my dad. He was and will always be the toughest man I know. I have never met someone who has over come more adversities than him,” the accompanying caption read.
    “He’s fought and won so much over the years that I always viewed him as indestructible, but the truth is we don’t live forever on earth, but a person’s spirit can live forever within you.”
    Metrano continued: “Dad, you will always be a part of me and I will continue to live out your legacy. When someone came up with the quote, ‘legends never die,’ I’m pretty sure they were talking about you dad. I love you and miss you so much! One day I’ll see you again. Rest in Paradise. You’re now my guardian angel. “

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