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    Art As Therapy: Songs About Drug Abuse And Addiction

    It seems like no matter the genre, no performer is safe when it comes to the seductive power of drugs and alcohol. Some artists are brave enough to write introspective lyrics which showcase their battles with substance abuse and sometimes with substance abuse disorder. Check out below some of the best songs written about drug addiction.

    1. Twisted Reality, Hopeless Insanity

    Demi Lovato suffered a near-fatal overdose which left her with long-lasting damage. Her “Dancing with the Devil” lyrics describe the mind of an addict perfectly. “I’ve been good/Don’t I deserve it?/I think I earned it/’Feels like it’s worth it.” It sounds like Lovato chose a new dancing partner.

    2. Not Sticking Around to See a Lover Spiral

    Katy Perry sings about the anguish she feels being the loved one of an addict. “I thought that I was the exception/I could rewrite your addiction/You could’ve been the greatest/But you’d rather get wasted!” The song is allegedly about Perry’s ex-boyfriend, Travie McCoy, who told MTV, “I’m just stoked that she finally has a song with some substance on her record, good job.”

    3. Giving Away Life Lonely As Ever

    Anthony Kiedis’ lyrics describe a moment of time in his life. “All I had was this connection of mine named Mario.” But, they also detail the hope he feels now. “I don’t ever wanna feel/Like I did that day/Take me to the place I love/Take me all the way.”

    4. Regular Girl, Celebrity Dreams

    She used to have dreams. But then, “cocaine addiction/Apartment eviction/To add to the list/Of Beverly Hills’ victims/’Hoping you/Can see my vision/Next time/You look down on a *****!”  her dreams. Wale’s lyrics depict witnessing a woman fall victim to her own greed.

    5. Refusing To Face Addiction with Rehab

    “I ain’t got the time/And if my daddy thinks I’m fine!” Amy Winehouse told The Daily Mail she wrote the chorus spontaneously one day while out for a walk with record producer Mark Ronson. It was “quite silly really.”

    6. Smoking Stones in Abandoned Homes

    “You’re smokin’ stones in abandoned homes/You hit them stones, and broke your home.” As a poetic genius, Frank Ocean uses a biblical reference for his disturbing visuals, which detail the point of view of someone deep within active addiction. When everyone is a sinner, is smoking stones really that different from throwing them?

    7. Exploring Why Certain Decisions Are Made

    In this track, the strong emotions that can lead one down a path of drug addiction can be felt, and the pain over regrettable past actions can be heard. The song lyrics are heartbreakingly relatable. “Oh, how could I? (Why?)/How could I?”

    Which addiction song sparked the most emotion in you?




    1. As far as which addiction song sparked the most emotion in me, it would be a tie between “Under the Bridge” & “Rehab”. Mostly for sentimental, nostalgic reasons.

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