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    Ariano and Jade River Single

    Ariano and Jade River Single

    SoCal hip hop icon Ariano and Portland producer Jade River bring the fire once again with the release of their second single, “Reasons” from their third album, Fear is a Liar (Rockets).

    About the Song

    “Reasons” is an intimate portrait of being caught in a state of limbo while in the throes of missing a less than truthful lover. Jade’s guitar-laden production lays an almost cheery backdrop to Ariano’s wistful singing, heavy with longing and heartache.

    Ariano and Jade River drop single-1

    Created by the multi-talented Gifted Glitch. The video for “Reasons” is a fully animated lyric video where the beauty of the video is in its perceived simplicity. Every frame is a green background with the lyrics scrolling across the screen, complemented by unexpected visuals that subtly mirror the lyrics themselves.

    “Reasons” delivers more of the rock-driven sound you can come to expect on Fear Is a Liar (Rockets).

    Give the song a listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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