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    Ariana Grande Supports South African Musicians

    Artists receive praise and support from millions of fans everywhere. Just like us, artists love to praise their idols as well. Pop sensation Ariana Grande maybe one of the biggest pop stars in music today, but she also admires other artists.

    The 27-year-old has a very wide musical palette. Grande listens to everyone from Judy Garland to Whitney Houston. Not only does the pop star listen to huge mainstream artists but also she also follows international talents. Recently, Ariana Grande showed love to several South African artists for her Who Runs The World Apple Music Playlist.

    The Pop Princess Shows Love To South African Musicians

    South African musicians
    via East Coast Radio

    It’s one thing for a huge pop star like Ariana Grande to admire the artistry of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Though, Grande doesn’t just support mainstream artists. Additionally, Grande listens to international artists. Recently, the “Just Like Magic” star added several South African musicians to her Who Runs The World Apple Music Playlist.

    The star’s Apple Music playlist now includes artists by the names of Prince Kaybee, Busiswa, Nadia Nakai, Boity, Rogue, Moonchild Sanelly, Msaki and Sho Madjozi. PopPulse was the first to announce the additions made to Grande’s playlist via their Twitter page. Moreover, the news stirred up quite the online buzz and even prompted a response from South African poet and singer Busiswa. “Oh WORD? Shoutsouts to you Queen!” Busiswa wrote her Twitter page. Thumbs up for Ariana Grande supporting South African talent!

                           She’s A Big Fan Of Indie Arie

    South African musician
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    As mentioned before, Ariana Grande listens to a wide variety of artists, even international talents like Busiswa and Msaki. Though, Grande’s Who Runs The World Apple Playlist isn’t her first instance at showing love for South African musicians. The star has even praised R&B artist Indie Arie, whose roots trace back to West Africa. Throughout her career, Ariana Grande has showed continuous support to the Grammy-winning songstress. Furthermore, they even keep in touch with each other. Back in 2014, Grande gushed over Indie Arie’s musical poweress, noting at the “calmness and soothing nature” of her music. She even included Arie’s hit song “Video” onto her Who Runs The World Apple Music Playlist. Clearly Ariana Grande knows good music when she hears it.



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