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    Ariana Grande Says “Thank You, Next” To The 2022 Grammys

    Like the Oscars, the Recording Music Academy has experienced some major blow back for their tone deafness. At this rate, it’ll only be a matter of time before the Grammys get canceled by Cancel Culture. In recent years, quite a few artists have taken up an issue with the Grammys. Many have either chosen to speak out against the lack of diversity or refused to attend altogether.

    For instance, Ariana Grande has had a rather tumultuous relationship with the Recording Music Academy. The 27-year-old popstar refused to attend the Grammys 2022 on a few occasions. Unfortunately, Grande did not attend this year’s awards ceremony, either. In short, the mega star told the Grammys “Thank you, Next.”

    Ariana Grande Skips The Grammys Every Year

    Thank You Next
    via CinemaBlend

    Whether it’s a misogynistic fan attacking her or a corrupt music awards show, Ariana Grande has no problem telling them “Thank you, Next.” The 27-year-old isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.

    In the past, Grande has refused to attend the Grammys after they decided against letting the popstar perform one of her song choices. Last year, she skipped out on the awards show due to the novel pandemic. However, this year, Grande’s refusal to attend remains a mystery to many fans. Obviously, Ariana Grande has lost interest in the awards show altogether.

    The Popstar Tells The Grammys “Thank You, Next”

    Thank You Next
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    The star has made several public appearances since the Covid-19 regulations have become more relaxed. However, Grande still isn’t keen on attending the Grammys. The star hasn’t been seen at the awards show since 2020.

    Furthermore, she took to Instagram to announce to fans that she will not attend the 2022 Grammy awards.

    “I love this album so. It’s an honor to be recognized today alongside so many brilliant musicians and human beings that I love,” Grande wrote in the captions, referring to her 2021 album Positions.

    This year, the star’s album received two nominations in Best Pop Solo Performance and Best Pop Album. Despite two huge nominations, Grande didn’t seem any more interested in making an appearance at the Grammys on Sunday.

    The star definitely told the Recording Music Academy committee “Thank You, Next.”


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