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    Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Salty with Saints Jameis Winston?

    There’s no secret that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a long history of dislike for the New Orleans Saints. Buccaneers QB Tom Brady isn’t too fond of the Saints because he was often compared to Future HOFer QB Drew Brees. Once Brees retired, Winston was released and quickly acquired by the Saints.

    Many players felt disrespected by the fact he left for a rival team and they continue to hold onto that grudge. This past Sunday, these two teams faced off resulting in a Buccaneers win, 20-10. Winston didn’t perform well and the premier LB for the Bucs Devin White made sure to clarify his stance on Winston. 

    “When Jameis left our team, everybody knows what he did that last year,” White told reporters. “He threw 30 picks. We just knew he was going to give us the ball.”

    To preface the comment, Winston struggled in the fourth quarter. He threw three interceptions, one of them being a pick-six in the fourth.

    Tensions Continue to Build for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    During the game, a scuffle ensued involving All-Pro WR Mike Evans and Pro Bowl CB Marshion Lattimore. Evans was sticking up for Brady during an argument and things quickly began to get physical. Later, this led to Evans being suspended for one game, according to Adam Schefter for ESPN.

    The Saints continue to struggle with Winston as they wish to regain the relevancy they once had with Brees. However, they may not ever be able to relive the glory days as long Brady continues to help the Bucs regime stay afloat. 

    “We just knew he was going to give us the ball, we knew the running backs would cough it up. You know, that’s something we came in talking about. We want 30 turnovers as a ballclub ourselves. It’s just another game to take the ball.”

    Brady Possibly Retiring 

    Brady has been in a dilemma all offseason and has carried over to his regular season. Many are questioning his household as the disputes and theories continue to grow. Brady’s managed to help the team win the first two games keeping them undefeated, however, he hasn’t played up to his standards in either game.


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