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Arbys Manager Facing Murder Charges for Shooting a Customer?

A manager for a fast-food restaurant is facing some serious charges after an altercation turned deadly.

Police officials say that Dieonna Young, 25, is facing first-degree murder for shooting and killing a customer. According to the authorities, the altercation took place at an Arby’s restaurant, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Details of the incident state that Young and Desean Tallent had engaged in an aggressive argument, which led to Young’s violent retaliation.

USA Today does not report what led to the argument. However, during the confrontation, the man is said to have made threats to Young, as well as spat in the woman’s face. Later, after the man left the fast food joint, he’s said to have returned and provoked Young from the parking lot. As a result, the woman chased after him in her car, where she later opened fire on the man. He was struck in his upper torso by a bullet.

Tallent did not immediately die from the wound— he made it to a nearby Walmart—where he crashed his car. Responding to the crash were Tulsa police, who later pronounced the victim dead.

As for Young, she went back to work. She was later questioned by police and confessed to the crime.

She was the store’s manager.

Thoughts? Have you ever worked at a fast food restaurant? If so, has a customer ever angered you this much? Share your thoughts below.

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Featured Image Credit: EURweb

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